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Access statements

Arrival & car parking facilities

The Manor  

  • The Manor car park is located at the rear and side of the property
  • The car park is a level gravel area, approx 3 meters for the Manor back door, but down 6 steps at 20cm.
  • There is ample parking for 8-10 cars. Large cars/buses need to park, the opposite side of the lane to the car park.
  • Access from the car park to the back door, starts on the level gravel area, 1 meter to the steps, 6 steps down in all approx 20cm each. The steps are concrete and level. There is a handrail on both sides of the steps and automatic lighting aids the route.
  • Once at the back door, there is a step up of 8cm and then down of 16cm. The head height is also compromised at 165cm.
  • Level access to the back door is possible by using the drop off point at the side gate located at the back of the Cottage. The distance is approx 7 meters. Off roadway (tarmac), through gate (hump in concrete), onto level concrete apron to back door. Back door step of up 8cm and down 16cm still required.
  • Level access is also possible via front door, by using the drop off point at the garden gate at the front of the cottage. The distance is approx 10 meters. Off roadway tarmac (rough in places), through front garden gate onto tarmac path (rough in places) to front conservatory door. Step up of 2cm required, but once in the porch, the majority of the ground floor is level (2 x 7cm steps).

The Farmhouse

• Stickwick Farmhouse car parking is located in the court/farmyard area. To access this you must drive along the tarmac road (rough in places) at the front of the properties and into the cobbled/graveled (rough/uneven/slippery when wet) courtyard.

• It is possible to drop off less than a meter from the back door on the graveled area.

• Parking is available for 3/4 cars in the courtyard some will be on the gravel, others will have to park on the cobbles.

• From the graveled area, which is level there is less than 1 meter to the back door. At the back door there is a 10cm sill into the utility area.

• It is possible to access the Farmhouse via the front door, this would require a drop off at the garden gate (farmhouse side) on tarmac (uneven in places), once through gate however, there is a 25cm step up into the garden onto the tarmac garden path (rough in places). There are then 3 steps into the Farmhouse front door, 7cm, 20cm and 20cm and into the tiled front hallway.

The Cottage  

• Cottage parking is in the garage opposite, which is approx 6 meters from the front door.

• The drop off point is closer at 3 meters from the front door

• Parking for 2/3cars is available

• The route from the garage to the cottage front door (Approx 6 meters)- Garage is concrete level floor, across roadway on tarmac (rough in places), through garden gate onto garden path tarmac (rough in places) to Cottage porch. Approx 14cm step in porch, followed by 14cm doorsill step into Cottage hallway.

• Rear access from garage to Cottage back door (Approx 20 meters) – Garage is concrete level floor, across roadway on tarmac (rough in places), through side gate (hump in surface) at the rear of the property onto concrete, level to back door, but a 6cm sill.

Main entrance

The Manor

• Back door – Step up 8cm and down 16cm and also head height restricted to 165cm. Into hall onto tiled floor.

• Front door – Porch up 2 cm step onto concrete/stone floor, into main front door onto tiled floor.

The Farmhouse  

• Rear entrance is off gravel, up 10 cm sill into utility are, which is tiled. There is a downstairs WC and washbasin, off the utility room, which is on a level tiled floor. The utility leads to the kitchen, which again is level and tiled.

• The front entrance is off the roadway, up a 25cm garden step and then another 3 steps (7cm, 20cm, 20cm) into the front door. You are now in the front hall, which is tiled.

The Cottage  

• Front door- up 2 x 14cm steps into the hallway, which is tiled, but with mats.

• The hallway leads to the open plan lounge, staircase and kitchen.

• Rear entrance has a 6cm sill onto a tiled floor in utility area. There is a WC and washbasin off this area on the same level. To access the kitchen a step down of 20cm is required.

Hall, stairs & landing

The Manor  

• The ground floor Hall runs from the front to the back of the property and is level throughout

• Provides access to dining room, lounge, kitchen, utility room, WC, stairs, front and back doors.

• Stairs, landings and upper floor corridors are carpeted throughout.

• There are 14 steps of 16cm up to the first floor (Bedroom 4 Superking ensuite, 2 bathrooms and Ensuite to Bedroom 2). Handrail on the left.

• There are another 4 steps of 16cm to bedrooms 1, 2 and 3 (handrail on left) and another 15 steps of 16cm to the 2nd floor and bedrooms 5, 6 and 7 (hand rail on left).

The Farmhouse  

• The front hall with the front door has access to both the lounge and dining room and stairs to the 1st floor.

• The front hall is tiled and lit by a pendant light.

• The stairs are carpeted and there are 13 steps in total, of a 20cm height., up to the 1st floor

• There is a handrail on the left hand side (1st 3 steps no hand rail)

• The landing at the top of the stairs accesses all rooms and is carpeted, with hand rail on left.

The Cottage  

• Front hall – Is level with lounge and kitchen.

• Stairs lead off the hall, which are carpeted. There are 14 steps up the staircase of 18cm in height. There is a handrail on the left hand side.


The Manor  

• Kitchen – Accessed off the hallway up a 7cm step

• Tiled flooring

• Lighting – spotlights/pendant lighting

• Seating for 10 -12

• Worktops are 95cm, toaster and kettle on worktops, microwave on shelf at 160cm 

• Range master double oven, gas fuel • Crockery is 150cm high

• Fridge undercounted. (Larder fridge and fridge freezer located in the utility room)

The Farmhouse

• The kitchen is located between the utility and the dining room. Level access to back door, however, 2 small steps (5cm each) to front door.

• The flooring is tiled and level

• The lighting consists of spotlights

• The worktops are 95cm high.

• Gas oven range

• The crockery and shelf heights are approx 180cm

• The fridge is located under the worktop, next to sink and dishwasher. There is a second fridge freezer located in the utility room.

• There is a small table and 2 chairs positioned in the kitchen.

• A microwave/toaster/kettle is located on the worktop

The Cottage

• Kitchen is located off front hall (same level) and off utility area (down a 20cm step)

• The kitchen is tiled, worktop heights are 92cm.

• There is an eye level oven approx137cm and a microwave above at 177cm

• The crockery is approx 150cm high

• Lighting, pendant / spotlights

• Seating and table for six

• Dishwasher under work top

Lounge & dining room

The Manor  

• Dining room – Accessed off the utility room or off the hallway

• Wooden floor

• Lighting – lamps, pendant and wall lights

• Seating for 12 at the mahogany table, 25 with extra tables provided.

• Open log fire

• Lounge – Accessed off the hallway

• Carpeted with rugs

• Lighting – lamps, pendant and wall lights

• Seating for 12 on sofas and chairs

• Wood burner

• Utility room – Accessed off the hallway, up a 7cm step

• Ground floor WC (40cm height)- Accessed off the level hallway

The Farmhouse  

• The dining room is located off the kitchen and is down a 5cm step from the kitchen.

• The dining room is carpeted, with rugs positioned throughout

• Wood burner

• Lighting consists of lamps and pendent/ wall lighting

• Seating at the dining table for 7.

• Another 5cm step leads out of the dining room into the front hall

• There is a supporting post located in the middle of the dining room

• The lounge is located off the front hall, down a 5cm sloping step.

• Carpeted, with rugs

• Lighting by lamps/pendant

• Wood burner

• Seating for 7

The Cottage

• Lounge – carpeted, seating for 5 on sofas/ chairs.

• Lighting by pendant and lamps.


The Manor

• 1st floor Bedroom 4 ensuite – Carpeted with rugs, lamp and pendant lights

• Up 4 steps to: 1st floor Bedroom 2 ensuite (down 4 steps) – Carpeted with rugs, lamp and pendant lights

• 1st floor Bedroom 3 – Carpeted with rugs, lamp and pendant lights

• 1st floor Bedroom 1 – Carpeted with rugs, lamp and pendant lights

• Up 15 steps to the 2nd floor

• 2nd floor Bedroom 5 ensuite – Carpeted with rugs, lamp and pendant lights

• 2nd floor Bedroom 6 ensuite – Carpeted with rugs, lamp and pendant lights

• 2nd floor Bedroom 7 – Carpeted with rugs, lamp and pendant lights

The Farmhouse  

• The bedrooms are all located on the first floor, via the stairs.

• Each room is carpeted with rugs throughout

• The master bedroom is the largest and has the most access and room around the bed.

• The mattresses are approx 50cm from the floor

• All the beds are pine slatted

• All beds have access to a lamp on a bedside table

• All rooms have a pendent light in the middle of the room

The Cottage

• Both bedrooms are carpeted and located on the 1st floor

• The master bedroom is the largest room

• Each room has bedside lamps and also pendant lighting

• Each room has low level windows (with safety catches)


The Manor

• 1st floor Ensuite (Bedroom 4) Washbasin 80cm, bath 60cm height, toilet 40cm,  vinyl flooring

• Family Bathroom – Bath 55cm, with shower over, washbasin 82cm and toilet 40cm, vinyl flooring, pendant and over sink lighting

• Family Shower room – Shower cubicle (60 x120 ) step into tray 17cm, washbasin 80cm and toilet 40cm, vinyl flooring, pendant and over sink lighting

• Ensuite (Bedroom 2) Shower cubicle (90×120 ) step into tray 17cm , washbasin 80cm, bath 60cm height, toilet 40cm Vinyl on floor. (4 private steps up to bedroom 2) • Up 15 steps to 2nd floor

• Ensuite (bedroom 5 + 6 identical) Slipper bath (70 cm), wash basin (80cm) in bedroom with vinyl floor area. Spot lighting over this area. In cubicle area – toilet (40cm), wash basin 80 (cm), pendant lighting and over sink lighting.

• Ground floor wc accessed off the hall on the level.

The Farmhouse

• 1st floor Family Bathroom

• Vinyl flooring

• 26cm step into shower cubicle

• Toilet bowl height = 40cm

• Bath side height = 54cm

• Basin height 80cm

• Lighting – light over sink and pendent type

• Ensuite bathroom (Master bedroom , 1st floor)

• 8cm step into bathroom from bedroom

• 25cm step into shower cubicle

• Toilet bowl height = 40cm

• Basin height 80cm

• Ground Floor WC accessed off the utility room

The Cottage

• Family bathroom on the 1st floor, accessed off the landing.

• Vinyl flooring – Bath height 52cm, toilet 40cm, and sink 80cm.

• Ensuite shower in master bedroom – 25cm step up into the tray.

• Ground Floor WC (up 20cm step from kitchen)

Grounds & gardens

• Front garden, with tarmac path (rough in places), is laid mainly to grass (uneven in places), but with flower borders/beds.

• The front garden is shared by the 3 properties, but each with its own garden furniture. The garden is enclosed by 2 gates at either end of the garden, but it is by no means secure for dogs/children.

• The Cottage side of the garden is level with the roadway, however at the Farmhouse end of the garden there is a 25cm step.

• Water hazards include the duck pond directly at the front of the property and also a water trough, located in the farmyard.

• The roadway around the property is tarmac (rough in places); the courtyard around the Farmhouse is laid to cobbles and gravel and is very uneven/slippery when wet.

• To the rear of the properties, there is a play area, laid to grass (uneven in places), but access from the roadway is level.

• The games barn also at the rear is accessed off the play area/Manor car park, and up a steep ramp, with limited head room on entry to the barn. The games barn has two levels and the upper level is accessed up two steps approximately 20cm each

Additional information

• Dogs are welcome – Owner must take responsibility. Dogs must be kept on a lead around the site and fields.

• Dogs are not to be left in the properties unattended, not to sleep on beds or furniture

• No smoking is permitted within the holiday properties, or games barn