1. The Contract
1.1 The contract entered into is between Stickwick Manor & Cottages (the Owner) and the person making the booking (the Hirer).
1.2 The contract is not effective until a booking form and 25% deposit of the total booking fee has been receive or, if the booking is made less than 6 weeks before arrival date, 100% of the booking fee (plus any cautionary deposit required) to secure a booking. Until receipt of deposit and form your booking is deemed provisional and can be cancelled without prior notice. A booking can still be cancelled by the owner at this point and will only enter a contract once the booking confirmation has been issued in writing.

2. Booking/Payment
2.1 Bookings cannot be accepted from anyone under the age of 18.
2.1.2 Bookings from single sex parties are subject pre authorisation by the Owners. Bookings of this type may be refused. Additional/increased cautionary deposits may be required.
2.1.3 Bookings where the majority of the party are under 25 are subject to pre-authorisation by the Owners (except for family groups). Bookings of this type may be refused. Additional/increased deposits may be required.
2.2 The numbers of people occupying any property must not exceed the maximum number of bed spaces per property (Manor 12, Farmhouse 7, Cottage 5 plus cots), as stated on our web site or by arrangement (additional charge may apply).
2.3 The person who makes the booking (the Hirer) will be responsible for all people staying/visiting and should ensure that they are all aware of the booking conditions.
2.4 The Owners reserves the right to decline any booking or to refuse to hand over a key to anyone who has not complied with the booking conditions.
2.5 We reserve the right to request an additional/increased cautionary deposit against damage, loss, breakages, additional cleaning (at anytime). Bookings made for the Manor (7 bedrooms) will incur a minimum £200 cautionary deposit (£300 if more than 1 property booked) which is due for payment 6 weeks before your arrival date. Monies will be refunded within 14 days of your stay (subject to 5.2/5.2.1), unless damage/breakage requires quotations to be obtained or actual works to be completed.
2.6 All bookings are considered provisional until a booking form and either a 25% deposit (if more than 6 weeks before arrival date) or the full payment (if within 6 weeks of arrival date) is received. Five working days are allowed for monies to be received. Until receipt of deposit your booking is deemed provisional and can be cancelled without prior notice.
2.7 Payment can be made via Cards (via Paypal, Holiday Rental), BACS or sterling cheque (payable to L Harvey).
2.8 The balance (including any cautionary deposit) is required 6 weeks before your arrival date. Non-payment of the balance by the due date will be treated as a cancellation by the Hirer.

3. Cancellation or booking alternation by the Hirer
3.1 Once a booking has been confirmed, the Hirer is responsible (liable) for the total cost of the stay.

Additional Covid Specific Terms & Conditions
3.1a If your booking has to be cancelled because Stickwick is put under Government Restrictions and has to close and the period of closure covers Your booking You will be refunded in full (up to 14 days to refund) or alternative booking dates will be rearranged and monies held. (NB. New dates may incur an additional rental charge).
3.1b In the event that the Hirer’s given address is put into Local/Regional Lockdown, rendering the Hirer unable to travel, and the period of restriction covers your booking. You will be refunded in full (up to 14days to refund) or alternative booking dates will be rearranged and monies held (NB. New dates may incur an additional rental charge.)
3.1c In the event of Government Household Number Restrictions, impeding Your booking. Alternative booking dates will be rearranged and monies held. (NB. New dates may incur an additional rental charge)
3.1d Customer inability (or the inability of any, some or all of Your (the Hirers) intended party) or disinclination to travel to and stay at Stickwick for any reason.
This includes – but is not limited to – illness (including Covid), a requirement or recommendation to self-isolate or quarantine, shielding, a call to jury duty, military service, incarceration, change in personal or work circumstances, family emergencies, travel delays, vehicle breakdown, and delays with public transport. These remain at Your (The Hirer’s) risk and do not give rise to a right to cancel or to receive a refund unless We re-let the property (see cancellation 3.2/3.3).

You are strongly recommended to take out UK travel insurance to cover these eventualities. If you choose not to take out UK travel insurance, then you accept responsibility for any loss that you may incur due to your cancellation.
Covid is now a known risk and it is possible for you to insure your holiday against it. This can include the customer or any of the party having Covid, the customer or any of the party having to isolate or quarantine, or you wishing to shield any Members of the party.
There are several options which include (check suitability for you/your party) cover for Covid related cancellations available from organisations like Trailfinders: or or

3.1e  Please do not arrive on site if any members of your party have Covid symptoms/tested positive. However: If any member of the party develops symptoms of Covid-19 or is asymptotic but declares they need to self isolate, they must inform (phone) the Us the owner, before isolating to minimise risk and requesting a test. The whole party needs to check out immediately and return home to self isolate using private transport. If any member(s) of the party are unable to return home (e.g too unwell), the circumstances should be discussed with a health care professional/local authority.
Please note – The Hirer, will be liable for the normal booking tariff plus subsequent lost bookings costs during this period (+3 days).   After departure the house will then be left empty for 3 days before being deep cleaned. All monies will be forfeited for any nights not occupied.
3.1f On site Facilities and services altered/closed in line with Government guidelines/laws, there may be facilities on site (e.g. games barn, animal feeding sessions) which are unavailable or will have reduced access during your stay. There may be additional procedures you the Hirer and party must follow to be able to access facilities and services safety. Where possible these will be highlighted before your stay but may change at short notice. No refunds will be given for these limitations.
3.2 In the event of a cancellation by You the Hirer {after deposit paid, before balance paid} (please telephone ASAP and put your request to cancel in writing (email), so reasonable endeavours can be made to re-let the property(ies)), the Owner will endeavour to re-let the property(ies) and if successful will refund all monies received less any discount offered to sell the period, plus 5% of the rental booking fee (Min £50). (It can take up to 14 days to refund your monies, after the re-let monies have been received). If we are unable to re-let the property, you will be held liable for the full amount of the booking. You are strongly advised to take out appropriate UK travel insurance.
3.3 In the event of a cancellation by the Hirer {after full payment made} You will be held liable for the full amount of the booking and all monies will be forfeited. You are strongly advised to take out appropriate UK travel insurance.
3.4 In the event of non payment of the balance by the due date (6 weeks prior to arrival date) will be treated as a cancellation by you the Hirer (3.2), however a reminder will be sent before interpreting this as a cancellation.
3.5 Any request by the Hirer for transfer of booking to another property and/or a change of dates; will be treated as a cancellation of the booking by the Hirer (3.2/3.3).

4. Cancellation by the Owner
4.1 If your booking has to be cancelled because us the Owners at Stickwick has to close through Force Majeure, meaning any of the following circumstances which may hinder or prevent the performance by us of the Contract, including but not limited to: (a) acts of God, flood, drought, earthquake or other natural disaster; (b) epidemic or pandemic; (c) terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or riots, war, threat of or preparation for war, armed conflict, imposition of sanctions, embargo, or breaking off of diplomatic relations; (d) nuclear, chemical or biological contamination or sonic boom; (e) any law or any action taken by a government or public authority, including without limitation imposing a restriction, prohibition, or failing to grant a necessary licence or consent; (f) collapse of buildings, fire, explosion or accident; (g) non-performance by our suppliers or contractors; and (i) failure of utility service, and the period of closure covers Your booking You the Hirer will be refunded in full (up to 14days to refund).

5. Damage/Loss/Nuisance/Additional Day Guests
5.1 The supervision of children, babies, pets and any adults requiring care remains the responsibility of the Hirer at all times.
5.1.1 Care must be taken and children supervised at all times when using the play area, play barn, woodland walk, fields, visiting animals and site. (water course on site)
5.1.2 Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.
5.1.3 Hands must be washed after visiting any animals on site.
5.1.4 Animals can be unpredictable, always be cautious.
5.1.5 As Stickwick Manor & Cottages is in a country location and the rural character preserved wherever possible; the site may have areas of uneven ground, unmade tracks and paths and limited lighting. We ask you to take special care to avoid accidents. There is also a natural water course. This is shown in your guest information and map. Please ensure you know about these features and supervise children appropriately.
5.2 The Hirer is responsible for leaving the property(ies) in good order and clean condition, otherwise an additional cleaning. charge will be levied (or monies deducted from your cautionary deposit).
5.2.1 The Hirer will pay for any damage (including that caused by any pets), breakage or loss (excluding reasonable wear and tear) incurred during occupation. Major damage/breakages, should be reported to the Owner immediately, so it can be remedied.
5.2.2The Owner reserves the right to charge (and or increase) a cautionary deposit, against damage, breakages, loss or excessive cleaning (at any time). Due with balance payment (6 weeks before arrival date) and will be refunded within 14 days of your stay (subject to 5.2/5.2.1), unless damage/breakage requires quotations to be obtained, or actual works to be completed.
5.3 The Hirer is responsible for the party not causing nuisance, harm or annoyance to occupants in the other properties.
5.4 The Owner has the right to enter the property(ies) at any reasonable time, for maintenance/repair and at any time in the case of an emergency.
5.5 The Hirer is not to allow the property(ies) to be occupied by more than the maximum number of persons as stated on our web site (Manor 12, Farmhouse 7 and Cottage 5 + cots) unless with prior agreement.
5.6 The Owner reserves the right to refuse entry to the entire property(ies) or request the party to leave the site, if the number/names of persons differs from that stated on the booking form. Full payment will still be required (no monies will be reimbursed) if the Hirer or any members of Hirers party are requested to vacate the accommodation/site.
5.7 The Hirer is not entertain/invite additional guests to Stickwick Manor & Cottages (properties or site), without prior consent of the Owner (additional charges may apply).
5.7.1 The Hirer cannot book 3rd parties to come on to site (e.g. Chef) to deliver entertainment/services without prior permission. Evidence of 3rd party Public Liability will be required and additional charges may be applicable. The Owner does not accept liability for actions of those 3rd party suppliers.
5.8.1 Day Events held at Stickwick (additional charges may apply), which have be pre arranged/authorised by the Owners, have additional Day Guest Terms and Conditions, which must be adhered to.
5.9 If the Owners consider anyone is causing a nuisance, harm, causing damage or not treating either the farm, the accommodation property(ies), other guests, farm/wild animals with respect, the contract may be discharged and we may repossess the property(ies) immediately. The Hirer will remain liable for the whole cost of hire and no refund shall be due.

6.0 Arrival/Departure
6.1 Arrival time 4pm (Information about keys will be provided in your booking confirmation, after balance payment).
6.2 On day of departure, departure time is 9.30am.

7.0 Pets
7.1 No pets shall be brought to Stickwick Manor & Cottages without prior permission of the Owner (charge applies).
7.2 A maximum of 2 dogs per property are permitted and must be stated on the booking form (charge applies).
7.3 Poultry roam freely on site and farm animals in the surrounding fields.
7.4 Owners also have dogs on site.
7.5 Pet Rules:
i) Under no circumstances can dogs be left unattended in the property(ies).
ii) No dogs allowed on the beds/furniture.
iii) Please bring your own dog beds and bowls.
iv) Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times (all gardens/grounds are shared).
v) Please exercise dogs, on leads, in the surrounding fields, not in the gardens/play area.
vi) You must clean up after you pet.
7.6 If the Owner considers your pet is causing a nuisance or damage in the property(ies)/ on the site , the Hirer will be required to remove it from the property(ies)/site.

8.0 Description
8.1 The information provided on our website is believed to be true and accurate at time of writing and all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that descriptions given to each property are accurate. However, minor differences may arise between photographs, illustrations and descriptions (e.g. when equipment /furniture has have had to be replaced) of a particular property and an actual property, which are intended to give general guidance and do not form part of the agreement between us and you.
8.2 It is the Hirers responsibility to raise points of particular importance and ask questions in advance of booking.
8.3 The Owner takes responsibility to ensure all descriptions are accurate; however, the Owner also reserves the right to alter, substitute or withdraw any service facility/amenity if necessary.

9.0 Liability
9.1 The Owner cannot accept responsibility for any material loss, damage, injury, additional expense or inconvenience directly or indirectly caused by or arising of the property/site, its plumbing, oil, telephone, gas, electricity and wifi services or exceptional weather, to the Hirer or any member of the party during occupancy.
9.2 No responsibility is accepted for loss or damage of property (including pets) vehicles or vehicle contents belonging to the Hirer or any member of the party during their occupancy.
9.3 The Owner cannot accept responsibility for any material loss, damage, injury, additional expense or inconvenience directly or indirectly caused by or arising from use of the property(ies) or amenities (woodland walk, play area, gardens, play barn, fields, animals, drive or site) to the Hirer or any member of the party during their occupancy.

10.0 Wi-Fi
10.1 Wi-Fi internet access is available free of charge to guests on the condition that it is not used to view/download from sites that have illegal content or images.

11.0 Hot Tub Hire-in Option
A Hot Tub can be hired in for Exclusive Hire bookings only. Please ensure you let Alison/Linda know this is what you are planning to do as an EXTRA charge will be applicable to cover the cost of the water, electricity, towels and proving the delivery/collection function.
Mr Tubs is our preferred supplier
Use of HIRED IN hot tubs is subject to your acceptance of the terms and conditions of safe use outlined in our safety information which will be provided on site and by the HIRE Company.
The CONTRACT is directly with the HIRE Company and we cannot accept any loss, risk or liability in its use by your party. Use at your OWN RISK.
Report any faults immediately to the HIRE Company.
The Hot Tub location is FIXED at the rear of the Manor, where water and electrical supplies, lighting have been especially installed for this purpose. No OTHER location can be used.
Please use the COLOURED TOWELS provided for the Hot Tub, do not use the white bedroom towels (charge may be made for stained/damaged towels).
The Hot Tub must be VACATED by 10pm and used with consideration of others on site in the area.
Please follow the health and safety guidelines provided by the company and displayed by ourselves. Failure to do so can lead to serious illness or even worse.
Please note we will endeavor to make sure your Hot Tub is up to temperature when you arrive however we can make no guarantee regarding this (depends on delivery time and departure of previous guests). Please also note we may need to start draining your Hot Tub from 8am on the morning of your departure for collection.
Everyone MUST shower before entering the Hot Tub, failure to do so could lead to an illness, as this reduced the bacterial load/helps the pump/filter.
Do not exceed the maximum number of guests in a Hot Tub at any one time or over a period of time (eg bather load) the chemicals will not be able to kill the bacteria from more people than it is designed to hold.
Do not enter the water if you have been ill (vomiting/ diarrhoea in the last 72hrs), you will spread the illness to others.
No children under 5 years old are to use the Hot Tub and children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times as they will be affected by the temperature quicker than adults and more likely to go under the water.
Swimwear must be worn at all times.
For children under 16 the temperature should be a maximum of 36 degrees C and they shouldn’t stay in the tub for longer than 10 minutes at a time.
Maximum temperature for adults without a health condition or being pregnant should be 40 degrees C, but we think 39 degrees C is perfect! Cooler still in the summer months.
Never use the hot tub alone.
Anyone with existing medical conditions should consult with a doctor before using the Hot Tub. Those elderly, pregnant (possibly), with heart conditions are at an increased risk of STROKE.
Pregnant women should consult with a doctor before using the Hot Tub and the temperature kept cooler (36 degrees C) and reduce the time spent in the hot tub.
If anyone begins to feel unwell be sure to leave the Hot Tub immediately.
People with skin, ear, genital or other body infections, open sores or wounds should not use the hot tub due to the possibility of spreading infection or irritating the existing condition (e.g gangrene/sepsis risk).
Limit soak time to 15 mins, get out cool off and re enter. Children’s maximum time should be 10mins. Take care in the sun
Keep hydrated and drink water when using the Hot Tub.
Do not immerse your head in the Hot Tub water.
Do not drink the Hot Tub water
Do not drink alcohol in the hot tub. The hot tub will speed up the effects of alcohol.
Never use the hot tub while using or after using narcotics or other drugs that may cause sleepiness or raise / lower the blood pressure.
Do not use floating candles in the Hot Tub
Do not add fish to the Hot Tub
Never use glass receptacles in or around the hot tub, please use plastic glasses only. Broken glass is difficult to see in the hot tub water and broken glass and bare feet don’t mix!
Do not use electrical appliances in or by the Hot Tub. Keep any music to a low level
Avoid using the Hot Tub immediately after a heavy meal.
Please shower before use to remove fake tan, cosmetics and sun cream, which can block the filter and pump.
Do not add bubbles, colouring or glitter to the Hot Tub water. The chemicals will no longer work and provide protection from the bacteria.
Take care when entering or leaving the hot tub as leg muscles may be relaxed and feel unsteady and the patio can be slippery when wet.
We reserve the right to close the Hot Tub/area if conditions turn icy or windy or rules have not been adhered too and health and safety of our guests have been compromised. No refund will be applicable in this instance.
If any fault or damage occurs with the Hot Hub, contact the HIRE Company.
Please make sure the cover is replaced after use and secured, if you fail to do so and the hot tub is damaged the cost of repairs will be yours. (eg Lid blows away)
Do not stand on the lid or jump in from the surrounding area, into the Hot Tub
No smoking/vaping in the Hot Tub
No dogs or pets in the Hot Tub
No refunds will be provided because of inclement weather and any other faults with the tub you have hired in.

12.0 Complaints
12.1 Any complaints should be made immediately by the Hirer or as soon as reasonably possible and in any case before departure; to the Owner to give every chance to rectify the situation.
12.2 The Owner is within their rights to refuse to entertain any complaint, irrespective of merits, if the Hirer has not brought this to the attention of the Owner whilst they are in residence at Stickwick Manor & Cottages.

13.0 Legal Provisions
13.1 The construction, validity and performance of this Agreement (contract) is governed by the law of England and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.
13.2 The Hirer agrees that the Contract with the Owner is made at the Owners premises and that any proceedings shall be conducted in the County Court nearest to the Owner.
13.3 For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998, all personal and other information and details collected by Stickwick Manor & Cottages in the course of its business, belong to us and will not be disclosed to any third party without your permission.

Completion of the booking form (on-line or hard copy) states that you agree with these terms and conditions.