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17 May 2021

Canonteign Falls – our local waterfall

We are so lucky here at Stickwick to be just three miles from England’s highest man-made waterfall.

A stunning valley, in the woods on the edge of Dartmoor. You would never really know that the waterfall wasn’t natural.

Last summer I took my children and their cousins on a day out to Canonteign, as it is a place not to miss. It is perfect option to get away from the crowds, as it offers so much space, shade from the sun and grass areas picnics, football and play.

Of courses the greatest challenge was to get us all up the 99 stone steps to the top of the falls. You meander through the woods, pass the Victorian fern garden (like Jurassic park), past Terence, the willow T rex whilst looking all the time for the delicate fairies which adorn the trees. The boys love to run ahead and discover the next cave or view around the corner. Once at the top, there was a short wait whilst we accessed the view point in turn and looked over the top of the falls ato see the beautiful panorama, across the valley.

Following a different route back down, you head towards the lakes and on the day we saw the local boating club using the lakes to show off their varied craft and skills. 

The play area is perfect area to stop and picnic, play football and enjoy the zip line/trampoline and assault course.

Parking is easy, toilets accessible and there is a cafe and small gift shop on site for that ice cream treat.  The falls are not accessible to wheelchairs or buggies, but you can carry a little one in a back carrier.

A great place to sit back enjoy nature, and the different habitats that surround you. I would call it a wholesome attraction, where children and dogs (on leads) are very welcome.

We are very lucky to be able to offer our guests at Stickwick a discount code for 10% off, when you book online. What’s not to love.

Check out more information on Canonteign Falls.


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We are so lucky here at Stickwick to be just three miles from England’s highest man-made water fall.

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